Hi! I'm Gus Childs, an independent web developer. It's nice to meet you!

What can I do for you?

I build effective websites for growing organizations.

Starting fresh? Rebuilding or reworking what you already have? I can help! I'll guide you through the entire process, letting your goals lead the way.

I help agencies and in-house teams with big projects.

Need a leader or someone to fill a cornerstone role? I'm your guy! I've led and augmented countless teams, I love to fill gaps, and I'm quick to contribute.

What are my skills?

I build successful design systems.

HTML, CSS, and JS are my jam and components are my art form. I prioritize user experience. I use tools like Vue, React, and Gatsby when they add value.

I'm an expert Drupal developer.

From architecture and migrations to themes and modules, I've done just about everything. I also contribute code and have spoken at DrupalCon (3x).

Need my help?

Send a message to help@guschilds.com and we'll go from there!

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What's my story?

I've been architecting and building websites for over a decade. I've played critical roles — often leading development — on large projects for digital agencies. This experience spans many industries, including media, publishing, retail, higher education, non-profit, and government. I went independent (i.e. contracting, freelancing, consulting) to give my clients a consistent experience centered around high-quality work.

As for analog life, I'm a midwesterner that migrated to Golden, Colorado. When offline, you'll find me getting fresh air, enjoying music (and trying to play it), reading, dabbling in home improvement projects, or watching Blues hockey.

Not in Colorado? Not a problem! I've spent years working with partners across the country and around the world. I know what it takes to succeed from afar.

Still have questions? Get in touch!

You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and Drupal.org.

Thanks for stopping by!